BuildMonkey - Build management for iOS developers

Build management for iOS developers

Upload, track, and manage builds using a simple API. Focus on programming, and let us handle the rest!


Why BuildMonkey?

BuildMonkey helps streamline the app development process by providing a simple-to-use API for managing builds. This process works seamlessly with continuous integration servers, allowing you to continuously deliver and track beta builds.

Version Tracking

Track every version of your app. Install past versions to see when a bug was introduced. Maintain a separation between beta and stable builds.

Git Support

Track git commits and tags to link your build to the code used to create it.

Email Notifications

Users can subscribe to projects and get notified of new builds.

Expiration Notices

Get email notifications before your provisioning profile or other attachment is about to expire.

Over-the-Air Installation

For enterprise apps, users can install the app by tapping "Install" on their device.


Attach an unlimited number of files to each build. Store things like change logs, unit test results, and build artifacts.

Access Control

Users can belong to any number of organizations. Only users who have access to those organizations can view its projects and builds.

Public Links

(Optional) Projects can have public links for builds, allowing non BuildMonkey users to view the page and install the build.

Markdown Change Logs

Write a description of changes for each build in Markdown, allowing for rich formatting.